5 Lessons in Transformative Leadership: Yogi Style

Almost ten years ago, while on a business related assignment, I was in Mumbai India, I had the occasion to attend a session on The Power of Transformative Leadership by none other than Jaggi Vasudev, a.k.a. Sadhguru.

I had heard about him several times from a dear friend of mine, who is part of his Inner Circle for over 15 years back then. She had never been able to to rope me into his ashram in Coimbatore in southern India, even though she knew I had a curious mind and a spiritual quest, even as I was a corporate leader in a major Wall Street firm. This time, I had no excuse. The man was coming into Mumbai, the audience was business leaders, several of whom I knew personally, and the topic was right up my alley and of my interest.

To say I was quite blown away by a yogi, a mystic and a teacher to have such command of the language of leadership is putting it mildly. I found myself taking frantic notes (which is not so unusual for me, but this was particularly different). I...

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