What can I do to merge my body with my spiritual experience?

One could wonder, why this topic? The title presupposes something: that I have had spiritual experiences and now, I want my body to merge with that… leave it to my friend Triccia to give me a topic like that to incorporate in my daily writing!

Let us be clear, the main supposition here is that we are Energy / Source / God, whatever you may call it. Science has also proven that life on this planet is but a small iota in the scheme of space and galaxy. But where did it all come from? Source. Energy. So we, as humans (or any other species for that matter on this planet) are nothing but manifestation of Source energy. And we pass through this short phase called “Life”.

Because humans are deemed to be the highest order of species, largely because of the power we have been given of imagination, we can surmise that our experiences in our bodies can transcend several dimensions. The five senses we are given are only designed to experience our bodies: but it is clear that...

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