From business stagnation or a boring corporate job to

Bold, Conscious Leadership using THE MORTALITY METHOD


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We want to help business leaders like you to redefine success on their terms to allow more space and energy to live impactful lives. 


  • Everything feels uncertain. Your business is affected. You develop stress and anxiety, which spills into your relationships, your health and your career. So what will change? Will you wait for all the circumstances to change so you can take action? Or will something within you change so that you can feel more inspired?


  • Life is short. You feel you should have been much further along in your life than where you are. You want to make a difference in the time you have left. What do you do, when you have a strong desire to make a difference through not only your business /career, but by setting an example for those you love and care about. 


  • You deserve to define success in your own way, by creating a shift in your mindset and habits. And control what you can control! 


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That’s why we have created a GROUP COACHING program called


Self-mastery in all times, using our proprietary MORTALITY METHOD to show you how to live your life on YOUR terms!


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The Program consists of three phases over 12 weeks. Each phase has 4 weekly calls during which we deep dive into your specific challenges, allowing you a safe space to share and receive coaching.

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THE MORTALITY METHOD: Reignite. Reimagine. Recreate.



You begin to identify the limiting beliefs and start to reignite your passion and have more vibrancy in your life.  Using proven, science-backed methodologies, we help you achieve greater clarity, connect with your purpose and help you redefine success. Clarity empowers you to articulate and express your highest self that enables you to show up as a high performing leader in all areas of your life. 



 You learn what it means to be a bold leader, by raising the level of your ambition, becoming more decisive and yet recognizing humility. You feel a deep sense of confidence and enhanced ability to move forward with greater courage and take inspired action to influence people you love and the ones that matter to you.  Greater alignment between your actions and core values allow for a sense of freedom to accelerate desired outcomes.


You discover that solutions to life’s problems lie within you and your connection to something bigger.  You feel more creative, as you embrace uncertainty of these times, or any times for that matter! You begin to master your influence and impact and thereby, transform your relationships and business. 

Raju Panjwani

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker, and a high performance focused coach, Raju is passionate about helping business owners grow their vision and realize their potential. He has taught the Dale Carnegie course, curated and developed several hundreds of hours of training, participated in exclusive masterminds, and coached leaders. 

 A seasoned entrepreneur, Raju has had five start-ups, after he left Morgan Stanley as a Managing Director where he spent 18 years. His industry experience cuts across: securities markets, risk management, investment banking, FinTech, technology-enabled services and asset management. 

 Raju's passion for personal development and his ability to influence and coach continues to garner him appreciation for developing strong leaders. 


Triccia Ramos


A Certified High Performance Coach, Triccia Ramos was trained by Brendon Burchard, the world's leading high performance coach, who is also recognized by Oprah as one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth.

 Triccia has supported high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs achieve their career goals, without compromising their health and relationships.

 Triccia brings 20+ years of experience as a high performance coach and regional head of global lifestyle and furniture company, Crate & Barrel, helping individuals thrive at work and in life.

Within 90 days of working with Triccia, her clients experience the following in both their professional and personal lives:

Improved clarity and confidence

Richer relationships

Increased productivity and decreased stress


Ryan Bucci

Ex-Pro Basketball Player, Owner of BucciTours

I have noticed that I am more attuned to peoples way of expressing themselves, both verbally and physically. Having the ability to watch myself over again in the session has been a great objective way to see myself from outside myself. Also confirming how the change in setting and feeling can influence how you view yourself and others in any given moment. This keeps the ego aside and helps curate the compassionate element within. I have also been reassured that leading with the heart and just being, has its place in all aspects of life, including business, and for me it has helped confirm and solidify my approach while guiding me to move forward in these elements with confidence knowing that it's not just an idea of mine, in a world that seems to show that that is not the case. 

Lilian Wanandy-Perez

Employee to Entrepreneur

I focus more on the what and why instead of the how and therefore I'm bolder and more courageous which leads to taking action with more conviction and confidence. I am more conscious day to day in what I do. Joining the coaching session has not only given a positive impact for me in starting my business but also in my day to day life. 

Gina Bonacci

Sexual Empowerment Coach

I feel like I received a lot of great insight around my blocks around money/limiting beliefs that need to be released. I am excited to use the tools you've given me not only for myself but also to be able to provide it to my clients as well. 

Lisa Pakenham

It is my honor to be a part of your coaching group . You both are amazing individuals with so much to give. The space you hold for us is immeasurable . Being able to unite a group of strangers for the most part and guide us to be more than we ever thought we could be is very special . I’ve always known that I wanted to make some kind of difference , leave some kind of mark on the world but never knew how. You are an inspiration and I would love to hold space for others as you have for me at some point .
The value you provide is tremendous and everyone needs it ! My intention is to absorb like a sponge whatever you have to offer and share with others from my heart the tools in my newly created toolbox, we all have to live our best lives ~ faith over fear ! 🙏🏼 Thank you both for making bold moves so we can benefit ! ♥️ Cheers to more !!!

Why a Strategy Session?


Triccia and Raju use this lens to understand your specific situation and help identify the areas in which you can make substantive transformation. Your strategy to succeed is a matter of how you define it and what mindset shift you need to make to get on a path to achieve it. 

Most people are their own obstacle on their paths. By identifying mental traps, you can begin to replace them with empowering beliefs and habits that launch you towards success. 

 Our clients report having amazing breakthroughs in a short time and ‘abundant support’ in a socialized learning environment!


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